Car covers made of eco-leather are becoming more and more popular with car owners every year. They have a beautiful appearance, do not differ from cases made of natural material, and at the same time they also have a number of advantages. This is an affordable price, practicality and ease of use. Eco-leather car covers are presentable, durable and easy to care for, which is why car owners love them so much.
How to clean eco-leather covers: 5 tips for motorists
Material properties and service life
Eco-leather is a material that consists of two layers. The basis is a woven fabric. A layer of polymer is applied on top, painted in the desired color and given a characteristic texture. Thanks to the woven base and porous polyurethane, eco-leather is perfectly breathable - better than its natural counterpart. If the polymer coating layer is increased, the fabric is stronger, but also more rigid. It is from such eco-leather that covers are sewn.
In order for covers made of such material to have a beautiful appearance and serve us for a long time, you need to properly care for them. And if it is done correctly, then such a thing can last 4-5 years.

Rules of operation, what to avoid

Eco-leather does not like sharp piercing and cutting objects. Be careful if there are zippers or fasteners on the back pockets of your trousers. Over time, they leave deep scratches or cuts. With active driving, eco-leather tends to rub off, especially in light colors. Avoid heavy contamination - it will be harder to clean it later.

The material is not advised to soak through with water, it can not be rubbed. It is best to immediately blot all liquids with a dry cloth. But if you suddenly planted a stain and a damp cloth did not help, use special means for cleaning eco-leather.

It is also recommended to always have wet wipes for the car on hand.
Each type of dirt has its own cleaning method, and you need to know it so as not to damage the covers.

We clean up traces of spilled liquids
What you need: Water, a clean washcloth or cloth.
A trace of spilled coffee, juice, or any other liquid is very easy to clean. A clean, damp cloth is usually sufficient for this. Soak up any spilled liquid first, such as with a dry towel. After - wipe with a damp cloth or napkin. Then the seat must be wiped dry.

The main thing is not to use abrasive powders, pastes and cleaning bleaches with chlorine. They can leave micro-scratches on the outer layer of eco-leather.
Cleaning dry spots
What you need: soft sponge, cloth, soap or 40% alcohol-water solution.
If you have children, then stains such as a dried banana, chocolate, or marks from a felt-tip pen in a car are familiar to you. But they can be easily dealt with. The main thing is not to try to scrape or clean them. This will damage the eco-leather. Use a damp, soapy sponge to soak the dirt and after a while wash the surface thoroughly. Also, instead of a soapy solution, you can use 40% alcohol-water.
If the stain has not been removed, or it is old, then you should use a leatherette cleaner, which can be purchased at any auto shop, to remove it. And your car covers will shine again with purity and brightness of color.

How to remove scuffs on eco-leather?
What you need: a tool for cleaning and caring for artificial leather.
With active use, abrasions may appear on the eco-leather. Recall the leather or rubberized steering wheel of a used car. Also on covers. Glossy parts are not particularly pleasing to the eye. Therefore, we arm ourselves with a special product for the care of products made of artificial and natural leather, a soft cloth and proceed to cleaning.

A similar procedure is usually carried out once every few months to prevent further contamination or as needed.

How to care for covers made of bright and colored eco-leather?
What you need: conditioner to clean leather and leatherette
Often, drivers like to choose model or universal covers made of eco-leather of some bright, or vice versa, light color for their car.

But will it stay like this after a while? Not always. Often they are simply rubbed with the driver's own jeans.
But if you have already chosen these for yourself, be prepared to devote a little more time to their care. In this case, you again need a chemical agent for soft cleaning. Also, after processing and cleaning the surface, we recommend additionally treating the covers with a special water and dirt-repellent spray. Cleaning will need to be done less frequently in the future.
Dry your car covers properly
The main rule after wet cleaning of eco-leather covers is to let them dry properly. It is undesirable to iron the covers, dry them with a hair dryer and expose them to high temperatures from heating devices. All this can lead to a loss of the properties of this material, deterioration in appearance and even deformation. After cleaning the car covers, it is enough to wipe them dry with a soft cloth and let them dry a little naturally. We also do not recommend washing eco-leather covers in a washing machine.
Even with a delicate mode, the polyurethane layer can be damaged, as a result of which the appearance will be spoiled.
So, summing up, I would like to say that eco-leather car covers will last longer and retain a chic appearance if you carry out timely and proper care. Regularly do wet cleaning and apply special creams to maintain shine and protect against moisture penetration. The covers will last as long as possible and look great. To remove stains, use foaming detergents without chlorine and acids.

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